Optimal MSCTS Driver duplication for improved H-Tree Clock Skew and Insertion delay
DescriptionFor highly congested and high frequency complex designs, regular clock tree structure (CTS) may not be strong enough to drive all sink points. This requires MS-CTS (Multi Source CTS) with large clock driver duplication at regular interval can solve this problem. These MSCTS drivers further requires Flex H-Tree for balanced clock Spine Network with reasonable insertion delay (ID) and Skew Targets (ST). Duplication at regular intervals can lead to non-optimally placed CTS drivers with no or few sinks around grid impacting ID, ST other than design QoR metric. We are proposing optimal clock driver (DoP) duplication by mapping sink points in the region/grids where DoP's are planned to be duplicated. This will skip addition of drivers if it do not have more than threshold sinks. This will help improve MSCTS Drivers H-Tree SPINE network as well as improved ID and ST. This will eventually help improving QoR at route_opt.
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TimeMonday, July 10th5:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
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