A Structured way of Communication in Layout Design Flow through Virtuoso Design Intent
DescriptionThis paper aims to present the advantage of using one of the latest features offered by Cadence Virtuoso called Design Intent. Virtuoso Design Intent (DI) focusses on strengthening the communication between frontend and backend designers while deferring the use of constraints.
This methodology is used in one of our analog blocks to capture design goals so that they are understood and can be achieved during the layout implementation. Design Intent creation doesn't need separate storage as constraints. It gets saved with schematic view itself. DI's can be ported along with schematic across different technology platforms.
This feature provides a flexibility to generate real time report with real time implementation status.
DI empowered by the feature called, DI HTML report, serves as a brief checklist to verify all the guidelines are met. This report can be reviewed even without looking into design
Finally, we have achieved correct-by-construction layout and reduced design iterations with DI based method.
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