A Multiphysics Simulation Flow for High Performance MMIC Products for Power 5G and RF Applications
DescriptionPressure on cost and performance of MMIC products for 5G and RF applications requires EM-based optimization of designs to gain competitive advantage. Moreover, the need to reduce size requires packing many components in a limited space, leading to increased temperatures. To make sure that such temperatures and the related mechanical stress levels remain under reliability limits, Multiphysics simulations are needed at system level, including chip, package, board and cooling blocks. To tackle this challenge, Ampleon engineers use Ansys tools.
In more detail, Raptor X is used to simulate full MMIC designs on low-resistivity substrates, which are especially challenging to model due to the slow-wave propagation. Ansoft 3D layout is used to import the layout into Electronic Desktop (AEDT) where it is combined with board, package, and cooling blocks for system level Multiphysics simulations in AEDT/Mechanical. At this stage, engineers are not only able to optimize system designs to make sure that temperature and stress levels remain under safe limits, but also to explore different cooling options.
Having EM and Multiphysics tools under the same roof with a simple interface improves efficiency, boost productivity, and enables cutting-edge designs of high-performance products and allows Ampleon to save costs gaining market competitiveness.
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