A Novel Fitting Method of Package Material Parameters Base On MOP
DescriptionWith the development of 5th Generation Mobile Communication Technology, the signaling rate has gradually increased from 56Gbps to 224Gbps, and the high transmission speed has brought unprecedented challenges to signal integrity. Simulation and test are two normal methods to verify signal integrity. Only when the simulation results match the test results can the reliability of the simulation and the accuracy of the test be explained.
However, sometimes the simulation results are not consistent with the test results, there are three main reasons: the difference between the simulation model and the actual model, test errors, and inaccurate material parameters. PCB/PKG slicing can correct the simulation model, and test errors can also be eliminated by de-embedding and other methods. After that, the accuracy of material parameters has become a bottleneck of consistency between simulation and testing.
This paper fit material parameters affecting the signal integrity by test data and simulation models based on Ansys Optislang. In the first step, multiple variables are analyzed for sensitivity, then the variables with high sensitivity are combined for simulation, finally a set of variables which meet the consistency of simulation and test are obtained.
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