Credit Based scheduling for Precision time protocol frames in Automotive Ethernet.
DescriptionAutomotive ethernet is a crucial component in automobiles. For time synchronization between nodes PTP is used as for now. The fundamental problem with the usage of PTP lies that there is no mechanism for bandwidth allocation or prioritization between the nodes.

To counter this issue PTP over CBS can be used. CBS has an excellent mechanism of maintaining various queues and having different bandwidth allocation and prioritization of queues.

By using it we will be able to manage time synchronization in a manner that critical components are given more bandwidth and hence are better synchronized. Also, during hazardous situation entire bandwidth can be given to life support system and in this way the response time of the life support system can be improved.
The verification of PTP over CBS IP holds various challenges. To list a few

1. The measurement and management of bandwidth allocation is a tough task to perform. This becomes even more challenging if we try to perform it at the physical layer level.

2. The measurement of latency of various packets is an extremely challenging task because the bandwidth allocation is different in different queue.
The solution to these problems will be discussed in the paper.
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