Full SoC power analysis and estimation with end-user software early in the design cycle
DescriptionWith drastic architectural changes and variety of the scope of end-user software, full System-on-Chip (SoC) energy and power analysis/estimation in the early stage of the design cycle is critical to deliver successful product to the market which meets both stringent performance and power requirements. In this paper, we present the methodology deployed in Samsung for early power analysis and estimation of complex SoCs with end-user software using emulation platform from Siemens. We utilized the emulation platform to run complete end-user software applications at Register Transfer Level (RTL) level. Then, Power Solution is used to generate accurate power trends and key power metrics for full workload with clock cycle granularity for every block of the entire SoC. Since this can be done at hundreds of kilo Hertz, it allows running many essential end-user software for power analysis and providing key insights of power and energy behavior to ensure the optimization schemes are inclusive and apply to most of the applications. To estimate power more accurately, the Veloce Streaming API with PowerPro was used to accurately estimate power for key time windows of end-user software with entire SoC. This methodology enables us to understand our power/energy status early in the design process in a target application environment while there is time to adjust and validate.
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