Advanced DFT method using Checker and Indication FFs on Automotive NAND Flash Memory
DescriptionThe rapid development of automotive electronics and autonomous vehicles has compelled engineers to rethink their approach toward design for testability (DFT). In particular, they have promoted the need to manage DFT at the register transfer level and as a system problem. Ensuring the use of the existing one-time test process and guaranteeing the reliability of automotive products used for a long time is difficult. Therefore, to further increase the existing test coverage, logic that needs to considerably improve controllability and observability is additionally required. This is very difficult to achieve with the existing ~98% stuck-at coverage in automotive vehicles, where a reliability of >1 defect parts per million level must be guaranteed. In addition, a methodology that enables real-time monitors and prevents abnormal operation of a device in advance is required. This requires a methodology to detect and respond to failure situations in real time using an observable method by monitoring multiple indication signals inside the chip. In this paper, we propose a new DFT structure that can be used to diagnose device status in real time. It is an efficient structure that can monitor defective conditions in real time using a methodology that improves test coverage in mass products through improved observability..
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