Requirements Management Flow on Digital Projects with ReqTracker
DescriptionThe complexity of projects in analog mixed digital products is increasing and the correlation among the different project phases is becoming even more necessary.
It is needed to collect information, from the marketing discovering, to the customer gathering needs, to the architecture definition down to all the implementation phases and verification activities.
Managing projects analog mixed digital is complex, with IPs integration, tracking application and marketing needs, checking the implementation of all the requirements, keeping aligned to the project status, linking together requirements with implementation and verification phases.
Change requirements too during the project run must be correctly estimated.
A methodology to keep under control all this complexity is necessary.
We used ReqTracer (Siemens-Mentor) tool, to collect information of requirements specification, RTL codes and simulation database results.

As conclusion, our design flow has been extended to manage requirement along the project evolution.
Considerable advantages measurable in time effort saved and re-spin avoided have been appreciated among weeks and months saved.
The achievements of full coverage have been reached for:
- 100% RTL requirements implementation (no gaps specification-RTL)
- 100% DV functional coverage (all requirements mapped in verification)
- 100% DV functional coverage execution evidence (by logs or sim database)
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TimeMonday, July 10th1:30pm - 1:45pm PDT
Location2012, 2nd Floor