A Novel IP for Real Time DC Estimation and Removal
DescriptionThe Analog Front End of a design introduces undesired DC in the signal path in the form of offsets. A DC filter is used in the digital filter chain to remove any unwanted parasitic DC in the signal output. As the DC filter is placed last in the chain, it runs at the lowest rate and redistributes the filtered DC energy in the band of interest. Although the DC is attenuated from the signal, its redistribution causes a loss in signal performance. A single tap LMS filter is proposed to be used as a DC removal filter without interfering in the functional datapath. It removes DC from the signal without actually performing a filtering operation. It does an estimation followed by a DC removal operation. The Group delay is practically reduced to zero as it is now a simple addition operation at steady state. The SNR performance is improved by over 1dB in the wideband signal illustration. For narrowband systems, the improvement goes upto 3dB
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