Is Systems Engineering the solution to the limits of Dennard Scaling and Moore's Law?
DescriptionWith the increasing semiconductor content in multi-domain systems, the overall system characteristics are largely determined by the overlap of SoC and physical systems. In a software-defined world, the systems themselves become a constant tradeoff between the Physical, Semiconductor, and Software worlds, whether we're talking about an SoC, autonomous vehicle, or automated factory.

As such, the biggest optimizations available to systems engineers will be in the overlap between the different system contexts – be it block, SoC, HW/SW, Module, Board, or system. Such optimizations have the potential to provide benefits that are significantly larger than the localized optimizations we have been relying on. Realizing these gains however introduces its own challenges and the need for additional tools and analysis that can look across these contexts and domains, as well as bring together a diverse set of people that do not normally work together within a consistent system view.

The panel will examine what these new requirements are if they should come from traditional system design practices or new capabilities that understand EDA and HW/SW at its core, and if a new skill set and persona is needed within systems engineering to enable success. Additionally, we will examine what impact recent industry consolidation will have on both the needs of the systems designers (consolidation in the system space) as well as on the enabling technologies (consolidation in the tool vendors).
Event Type
DAC Pavilion Panel
TimeWednesday, July 12th2:00pm - 2:45pm PDT
LocationDAC Pavilion, Level 2 Exhibit Hall