PTStore: Lightweight Architectural Support for Page Table Isolation
DescriptionPage tables are critical data structures in kernels, serving as the trust base of most mitigation solutions. Their integrity is thus crucial but is often taken for granted. Existing solutions protecting page tables usually provide insufficient security guarantees, require heavy hardware, or introduce high overheads. In this paper, we present a novel lightweight hardware-software co-design solution, PTStore, consisting of a secure region storing page tables and tokens verifying page table pointers. Evaluation results on FPGA-based prototypes show that PTStore only introduces <0.92% hardware overheads and <0.86% performance overheads, but provides strong security guarantees, showing that PTStore is efficient and effective.
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Research Manuscript
TimeWednesday, July 12th4:04pm - 4:21pm PDT
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Embedded and Cross-Layer Security