UpPipe: A Novel Pipeline Management on In-Memory Processors for RNA-seq Quantification
DescriptionA key overhead of RNA-seq quantification is mapping RNA reads to transcriptome. Besides, performance of RNA-seq quantification is limited by von-Neumann bottleneck. As the first publicly commercial PIM system, UPMEM DPU, is proposed, PIM becomes a promising solution to resolve von-Neumann bottleneck. We aim to improve the performance of RNA-seq quantification by exploiting strengths of UPMEM. We propose a novel DPU-based pipeline design ``UpPipe'' with considering DPU's unique constraints. In UpPipe, a transcriptome allocation policy is proposed considering the limited MRAM capacity of DPU. Furthermore, pipeline management is presented to efficiently map RNA reads to the distributed transcriptome over DPUs.
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Research Manuscript
TimeTuesday, July 11th4:55pm - 5:10pm PDT
Location3010, 3rd Floor
In-memory and Near-memory Computing Circuits