HAWEN: Hardware Accelerator for Thread Wake-Ups in Linux Event Notification
DescriptionMulti-threaded applications rely on efficient inter-process communication. One common practice is putting a thread asleep while waiting for a condition. Exemplary Linux kernel mechanisms include futex, socket, epoll, eventfd, pipe. Once the condition is met, the waiting thread is notified via an event. Linux event notification optimizations mostly target the event-receiving thread. Contrarily, we identified high potential in relieving the event-generating thread and introduced HAWEN, a hardware accelerator for thread wake-up support. HAWEN was minimal intrusively integrated into Linux event notifications. Gem5-based multi-core architecture simulations revealed up to 80% faster thread wake-ups and up to 53% shorter event-handling syscalls.
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Research Manuscript
TimeTuesday, July 11th2:25pm - 2:40pm PDT
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SoC, Heterogeneous, and Reconfigurable Architectures