Chiplets: How Small is too Small?
DescriptionAs chiplet systems increase in popularity, we should revisit the tradeoffs for converting a monolithic design to a chiplet system. Chip yield, reusability, performance binning, and floorplanning push us toward smaller chiplets. Meanwhile, inter-chiplet interconnect and chiplet assembly push us toward larger chips both in terms of power requirements and cost. This work explores the impacts of these considerations on the minimum chiplet size. We examine the case of a large design that could be built as a single monolithic SoC or as a system of chiplets and show that optimal chiplet size depends on a wide range of parameters.
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Research Manuscript
TimeWednesday, July 12th10:55am - 11:10am PDT
Location3008, 3rd Floor
Design Methodologies for System-on-Chip and 3D/2.5D System-in Package