Ask Me Anything with Ramki Balasubramaniam
DescriptionJoin Ramki Balasubramaniam for an interactive session, where Ramki will answer questions relevant to chip design on cloud.


Cloud has become an indispensable part of EDA/HPC strategy to accelerate Semiconductor workflows and design cycles. Here are some key areas of focus that we deal with in EDA:

1. Cloud workflow migration strategies: as cloud becomes a sustainable component of
infrastructure for EDA, taking the effort to migrate workflows to the cloud becomes a key
enabler. This has many advantages, as well as challenges. How do we decide on the right
2. Verification cloud capacity planning: Verification remains the dominant compute demand for
EDA. The profile of verification lends itself to flexible strategies. What are some capacity
planning considerations that work, and what may be challenging as you navigate the cloud?
3. EDA Data management for optimizing cloud: EDA data comes in many sizes and demand
profiles. Using cloud and on-premise data effectively requires good planning.
4. IT strategies for secure cloud: A secure cloud infrastructure is table stakes for cloud service
providers today. How do you use this foundation to build an end-to-end secure cloud for your
5. Tool characteristics for optimizing cloud: what do you look for in a tool for optimizing your usage
in mixed on-premise/cloud environments?
6. AI as a lever: where do you use AI, and how do you decide the value proposition?
Event Type
Transformative Technologies Theater
TimeTuesday, July 11th3:30pm - 4:15pm PDT
LocationTransformative Technologies Theater, Level 1 Exhibit Hall