Side-Channel Analysis: from Concepts to Simulation and Silicon Validation
DescriptionSince the report of simple and differential power analysis in the late 1990's, side-channel analysis (SCA) has been one of the most important and well-studied topics in hardware security. In this tutorial, we will share our insights and experience on SCA by a combination of presentations, embedded demos, and an interactive panel discussion. The three speakers are from academia and industry with rich experience and solid tracking record on hardware security research and practice.

We will start the tutorial with a comprehensive introduction of SCA, including the popular side channels that have been exploited by attackers, common countermeasures, and the simulation based SCA with commercial EDA tools at gate level. Then we will present industry proven flows for fast and effective presilicon side channel leakage analysis (SCLA) with focus on physical level power and electromagnetic (EM) side channels. Next, we elaborate how to perform on-chip and in-system side-channel leakage measurements and assessments with system-level assembly options on crypto silicon chips with the help of embedded on-chip noise monitor circuits. We will conclude the presentations with some forward-looking discussion on emerging topics such as SCA for security, SCA in AI and machine learning (ML), and presilicon SCLA assisted by AI/ML. Short video clips will be embedded in the presentation to showcase SCA by simulation and silicon measurement.

No prior knowledge is required to attend this tutorial. The audience is expected to learn the foundations and state-of-the-arts in SCA with some hands-on skills. The total length of the tutorial is 180 minutes, including a 10-minute break. The tentative agenda of the tutorial is as follows (initials of the presenters: GQ: Gang Qu; LL: Lang Lin; MN: Makoto Nagata):

1. Welcome and introduction (5 minutes, GQ)
2. Foundations of side-channel analysis (40 minutes, GQ. Common source of side channel leakage, principle and examples of side-channel attacks, and existing mitigation methods.)
3. Simulation-based pre-silicon fast side-channel leakage analysis (40 minutes, LL. Full-stack presilicon simulation principles and fast leakage analysis on power and electromagnetic side channels with industry proven tools and flows)
4. Break (10 minutes)
5. On-chip and in-system side-channel leakage measurements and assessments (40 minutes, MN. Onchip power side channel leakage measurements, in-system electromagnetic side channel leakage measurements, and fault-injection measurements)
6. Demos and Panel (40 minutes, GQ, LL, MN. Simulation-based methods and on-chip monitoring for the detection of side channel vulnerabilities.)
7. Conclusion (5 minutes, GQ)
Event Type
TimeMonday, July 10th1:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
Location3002, 3rd Floor