Research Manuscript: NASA in DAC?
Event TypeResearch Manuscript
Design Methodologies for System-on-Chip and 3D/2.5D System-in Package
TimeThursday, July 13th1:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
Location3006, 3rd Floor
DescriptionAt the first DAC in 1964, papers were typed on typewriters and tools were described as working on designs of arbitrary size, as long as there were no more than 20 transistors. Today, in DAC 60, while we handle many more characteristics for much larger designs, how do we address new design challenges and explore the vast design space in a “universe” of design parameters? “NASA in DAC” will launch “crewed spacecrafts” with “interstellar” missions to explore four “stars”: (1) CPU, (2) Systolic Array Designs in FPGA, (3) Heterogeneous SoC with FPGA+ASICs+CPU and (4) ASICs for TinyML. “Fasten your seat belts for a space visit: we are going to travel to outer space!”